Leading with Creativity, Thriving with Strategy

Paragon stands at the intersection of creativity and business acumen. Our creative holding company model is a beacon for startups aiming to redefine industries with visionary ideas.

Who We Are

Made Up of Three Distinctive Arms

Paragon Digital, Ventures, and Capital are the cornerstones of our company. With a strong emphasis on design innovation, we guide startups in building brands that stand out in both form and function. 

A Portfolio of Brands & Digital Agencies

Our core mission is to transform creative service-based businesses by productizing their offerings, scaling their operations, and accelerating their growth. 

Creative Expertise at Every Step: Digital, Ventures, Capital


Our in-house design agency offers unlimited product design subscriptions for startups, offering you not only the aesthetic edge but the user-centric design that drives success.


In addition to operating our own ventures, we partner with technical founders, focusing on design, advisory, and strategy, to create startups that push the boundaries of what’s possible. 


As angel investors, we play an active role, extending our support and expertise to exceptional founders ready to instigate industry disruption and pioneer future trends. 

Fresh Insights on Design Innovation, Professional Development, and Startup Culture.

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