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Built on principles of collaboration and mutual support, our community surrounds you with like-minded people.

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Our Community is Based on Three Pillars

We’re on a mission to connect the disconnected. Our network brings together powerful builders and leaders from around the globe, creating a thriving ecosystem of creativity and collaboration.

Always Be Thoughtful

Prioritizing Community

Leveling Up Your Network

Benefits of Joining the Paragon Network

Access to Our Slack Community

Join our online community of like-minded business professionals through Slack.

Access to Exclusive Discounts

Save $100k+ on the products and services of our partners with our exclusive member discounts.

Access to Paragon's Office

Access Paragon’s virtual co-working office via Roam to collaborate and innovate with our team.

Monthly Core Groups

Discussions where advice and critical feedback is shared to help accelerate your business growth.

Virtual and In-Person Events

Participate in events and networking opportunities to grow your connections.

Opportunities for Free Services

We occasionally drop 100% off coupons to Paragon’s portfolio companies to support your business.

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