Join the Partner Program and Earn Recurring Income

Earn a 10% recurring monthly commission for every client you send to any of our owned digital agencies. 

How the Partner Program Works

Apply to the Program

Reach out below to join. Approval grants you access to promote our portfolio to your network and earn commissions.

Refer Your Network

Connect and introduce your contacts with us. Every referral could enhance your monthly income.

Earn Recurring Commissions

Successful referrals yield consistent monthly commissions, monetizing your network influence.

Additional Benefits for Partners

Discounted Services

Enjoy a 10% discount on all our portfolio services, enhancing your operational capacity while optimizing costs.

Free Network Access

Free access to Paragon Network, our exclusive Slack community and virtual co-working office.

Earn Passive Income

Enjoy an impressive 10% recurring lifetime commission on deals, earning you up to ~$6,000/yr per client.

High-Ticket Sales Training

Don’t know where to begin? Learn best practices for being a high-ticket creator and promoting Paragon.

Complete Flexibility

Work from anywhere at any time. It’s all about what you can create, not where or when you do it.

Exclusive Access

Receive early access to new services and insider information across our portfolio companies and network.

Eligible Referral Opportunities

Partner Program Application

Please fill out the form, and a member of our team will reach out to you via Email. Please check your spam.